Customizable notebooks and the sustainable development

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What means « sustainable development »?

The term sustainable develoment, or « développement durable » in fench, emerged in the 80’s. It has democratized at the third Earth Summit in Rio in 1992. Since then, the international community recognizes sustainable development as an important goal for nations. It’s also an important way to protect environment and thus the Earth.

To better understand how it relates, here are the three foundations that compose the sustainable development:

  • Economy: developing economically efficient
  • Ecology: a development environmentally respectful
  • Social: a socially equitable development

The Norwegian Prime Minister, Ms Gro Harlem Brundtland (1987), sums up the sustainable development with the sentence: « Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs ».

Since the 80’s decade, the sustainable development has continued to grow to become a central point for governments and population today.

Manufacturing customizable notebooks respectful of the people and the environment

The manufacture of customizable notebooks Mypaperbook are in this logic of sustainable development. In fact, the operating in our workshop is specific and we use certified materials to create notebooks. Everything is done to protect people and environment.

Certified papers
The paper used to make customizable notebooks is:

  • chlorine-free
  • the coverage in Wibalin by Winter is certified Reach
  • the creation of notebooks takes place at the Manufacture d’Histoires Deux-Ponts which is certified Imprim’Vert

Production « Made in France »
Production takes place near Grenoble in the middle of the Alps. Moreover, we control the production process to guarantee notebooks respectful of environmental and people. We also preserve the French know-how in the creating of printed.

80 years of expertise
Since 1935, the expertise of our craftsmen enhances paper in all its forms. Customizable notebooks Mypaperbook are the fruit of this excellence travel through the ages and generations.

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