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The origins of the notebook

carnet de notes - notebook

In the beginning there was …

Going back in time to discover the history of the notebook or rather the “calepin”. The notebook term, comes from the name of an Italian religious scholar named Ambrogio Calepino (1435-1511). He published in 1502 a Latin dictionary, and over the years he completed it with other languages (Hebrew, Italian … ). This work knew an astounding sucess in Europe during this decade and made this Latin dictonnary the reference books.

But how is this dictionary became a notebook ? Being taken during trip or travel, it was regularly annotated either personal reflection or enriches notes over meetings. Its format has adapted in collecting small book for notes for more convenience, and then like a personal notebook. The notebook that we know today, hasn’t started with the a small size. These are the men and women who shaped it with their uses over time.

The 20th century notebook

The current notebook offers us a world of possibilities and many use (notes, drawings, collection of thought… ) . Its format has also been reworked to be in adequation with our contemporary practices.

For example we can choose :

  • its size
  • the type of coverage
  • its binding accessories (bookmarks, edge color… )
  • the number of pages and features like tiles, lineage, white page, custom page…

Notebooks aren’t make up white pages and one coverage. They are colorful and multiple to answer different expectations. Mypaperbook notebooks reflect this customization. You can choose the edge color and coverage’s gilding. And also, use its ruled pages on the right side to your writings or let one’s imagination run wild on the blank page on the left.

Nowadays, the notebooks are often used among office supplies in the companies. Useful, malleable, elegant… the Mypaperbook notebooks offer you stylish way for writing with seven edge colors.

Customizable notebooks, a great family’s history… of trades

carnets personnalisables - customizable notebooks

Several families of trades involved in the creation of customizable notebooks Mypaperbook. Every step and every craftsman follow in a specific order to guarantee quality and excellence for each notebooks.

Initially, the project manager receives and deals with the customer’s request. He is also the ressource person between you and our craftsmen throughout the manufacturing process. Then, each art craft comes shaping, based on its know-how and expertise, the pages of your notebooks. The production manager is as for him, the conductor of this beautiful mechanics.

Customizable notebooks: production steps

The craftsmen are brought together depending on the families trades. Here is a short list about trades used for the manufacture of customizable notebooks Mypaperbook.

1. R & D: research laboratory
When you want a special project, the research laboratory team discusses the feasibility of your project. They realize the dummy printing to visualize the appearance and production conditions. It’s also a way to preview the notebooks that you’ve imagined.

2. The prepress
They receive, verify, validate and prepare files for production. In this way, the risk of printing defects are limited and the quality is preserved. This step in particular enable to have a clear file of your logo to better create the iron to be used to mark your notebooks.

3. Shaping
At this stage, craftsmen give the definitive forms at the customizable notebooks. They put together the cover, pages and glue the first-page. Now, it only remains to mark the notebooks of your identity.

4. The specific
Important step since it allows for the finishes of your notebooks to give them your business image or a very personal imagery. Here are the different finishing being counted in creating customizable notebooks:

  • paper cutting
  • creasing of the coverage
  • marking and embossing the cover with your logo or initials
  • gilt edged and printing. Specific step complementary to the shaping step

5. Logistics
In order to fully meet your expectations, our logistics operators prepare the work of routing and check the stock management, the mutli-addressing … for better distribution.

6. The routing
If you wish, you can ask for a transparent film individually or more or enveloping your customizable notebooks. One way to protect them or better offer this notebooks.

7. Shipping
This last step, and not least, makes the final packaging and send your notebooks as soon as possible.

Your customizable notebooks Mypaperbook are now in your hands. It remains for you to discover and affix your writings, your thoughts …