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Customizable notebooks, a unique greetings card for 2016

Carnets personnalisés - customizable notebooks

04Why we send us greetings cards?

The greeting card comes from the Far East. It was used to wish his vows to friendship or business people met throughout the year. Rather formal, these paper cards had different sizes depending on the addressee (public figure, noble…). Some cards could have disproportionate dimensions, requiring rolling them up like a parchment.

Greeting cards that we know today, with a smaller format, have them starting point England in the 19th century. With the first stamp in 1840, more and more people sent cards and letters. Also, the lithography (invented during this century) had the beginning to the explosion of the greeting card.

With the printing process, greeting cards have been standardized for a public using. This paper size has persisted through the ages and is still present today. However, with the progress of digital device we can see digital greeting cards, text message to wish New Year Eve and also dedicated applications for every celebration. But, the paper greeting card is still a proof of attention and elegance, a unique present that shows an attachment to people.

Customizable notebooks, an original greeting card for companies

Now, it’s the moment for families, friends and also companies to thank men and women who have count throughout the year. These thanks are usually a paper greeting card to wish an happy new year, health, prosperity, happiness… .

Customizable notebooks are a way to celebrate differently the end of a year and the beginning to another. In respect of paper tradition, customizable notebooks Mypaperbook wait you to customize them. You have choice two blenders and seven colour edges.

For companies, it’s the occasion to make the different to its clients. With these customizable notebooks, celebrate the New Year with a prestigious present that will be reflected your company’s values, your image and your greetings. These notebooks are the perfect association between authenticity and modernity.