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Customizable notebooks, edges’ color for your writing


What is the color?

When speaking to customizable Mypaperbook notebooks, you can’t miss their edge colors. But before to see in detail their seven edge colors, the first question is: what is the color?

From a scientific point of view, the color corresponds to a part of the frequencies of electromagnetic radiation perceived by the eye and called visible light spectrum. In other words, the color appears to us in function of the visible wavelength. To capture this light, our eyes have photosensitive cells. Thanks to them, we can see up to 10 million color shades. However, each eye has its version of colors. As the individual is unique, his eyes are also just like his brain! In fact, our brain interprets the amount of light that enters our eyes. An it provides an interpretation.

The most recent example is the viral story about a dress’ color published on the Internet. The author wrote a caption for the photo in one simple question: Is the dress white and gold or blue and black? Thousands of people responded but no unanimous answer was given. But it’s normal. There is no one answer to this question, that depends entirely on the perception of each. The scientific explanation made to this question is that perception is unique to each, and is based on receptors in the fundus.

Customizable notebooks: secrets of the seven edge colors

To create edge colors (or ” jaspage ” in technical French ) of customizable notebooks, several techniques are used: for fluorescent colors pink , orange , green and yellow and also black, printing on the edge is used. As for gold and silver color , they are obtained through the gilt -edged.

Edge printing: a roll comes affixed color directly on the surronding blocks’ pages. To have a perfect finish, the pages are pressed and held by wedges to prevent transfers on the pages

Gilding: a plastic of the desired color is affixed on pages. The color is then transferred onto the edge with a hot iron

Now, discover the realization of gilt –edged in video. It has been taken in our workshops near Grenoble.

Customizable notebooks Mypaperbook : behind the scenes

customizable notebook

Customizable notebooks Mypaperbook make their cinema…

A surprise guest invested our workshops to capture a few Mypaperbook customizable notebooks’ slices of life. Who could it be, who are we talking about? Small clues to its identity: it loves the spotlight, it’s rather high-tech, it always had very specific “goals”. You found? No more mystery, this is a camera. During several hours, it filmed the daily life and work of our craftsmen in carrying customizable notebooks Mypaperbook. Immersion in our production workshops heart, to lift the veil surrounding the beautiful realization of our customizable notebooks…

Details of the manufacturing excellence

This video was made in our workshop in Grenoble, a town in the heart of the Alps in France, and shows the universe and the different stages of our notebooks’ production. You can, among other things, to discover “modern” machines and “old-fashioned”, like the Original Heidelberg aged over 60 years-old who realizes the amazing marking on Mypaperbook’s covers. But also watch our craftsmen’s savoir-faire and expertise in paper handling and customizable notebooks’ assembly.

To give you an overview and help you to decrypt the follow operations, here are the three keys to understand of manufacturing excellence:

  • printing, assembly and binding of binders (“cahiers”) with a specific technique named perfect binding or in French “dos carré collé”
  • cutting, marking and the creation of the crease covers to decrease the resistance to bending, and to obtain a neat fold
  • the body assembly notebooks (binders assembled) with the coverage that will be pasted-paper on the back

Soon, Mypaperbook you open new pages of its history with new videos and pictures. For now, this video is to be found on our networks Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and also on Youtube. If you enjoyed this video, please share it!