Customizable notebooks, the significance of paper choice

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The paper: an unmissable in the print creation

Select the best paper to their document is paramount, especially for customizable notebooks. To choose the best one that suits, several criteria must be taken into account: what life for my paper, for what use? According to answers, printing companies offer you the appropriate solutions.

But first, back to the creation of paper. This particular matter may be :

  • pure cellulose
  • paper pulp without wood containing at least 95% cellulose
  • paper pulp with traces of wood from 20% to 40%
  • paper pulp with containing from 40% to over 70% wood

With these paper pulps comes the creation of a particular print paper. Here is a list of major papers used in printing:

  • Coated paper: application of minerals and binders on the surface, allowing the absorption of ink quickly and evenly for superior print quality
  • Offset paper: adding elements to improve opacity and whiteness characteristics. Mainly, this type of paper is use for office and writing paper like diary, envelopes, business cards…
  • Uncoated: the paper doesn’t receives treatment or finishing for better resistance of the surface
  • Recycled paper: 60% of the raw material comes from waste paper and used cardboard
  • Certified paper: for example, certifications PEFC and FSC

The paper use in the creation of customizable notebooks

Customizable notebooks Mypaperbook be made up of several types of paper. For the inner pages it’s an offset paper. As for the cover, is composed of paper named Wibalin by Winter. To give this excellence to the customizable notebooks, paper need some transformations:

  • the weight (120g), for strength and a better feeling to the touch
  • cutting, to obtain a A5 format printing,
  • create a linage right

Note, customizable notebooks are made up paper bleached without chlorine (French made) by methods that respect the environment and people.

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